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14 April 2016

Thursday 14-04-2016 14:30 we were activated to transfer a 22day old baby with heart complications from Mthatha to Port Elizebeth. The sun set on our leg to PE, Baby was stable and calm, flight was smooth. Now in the most appropriate facility for treatment, the prognosis is good and we are expecting baby to make a full recovery. It is amazing to work alongside such compassionate, caring professionals, witnessing not only world class medical knowledge and practices, but the real, true compassion and empathy that makes Alderson Ambulance teams so truly world class.


13 April 2016

Alderson's Aeromedical Division was activated by ER24 this morning to transport a spinal injury patient from Mthatha to Durban for specialist care. A big thank you to Dr Murray and our paramedic Mike, for an early start to the day, and managing the patient with the best possible clinical care!


31 March 2016

Medevac flight for a brave 10yo patient with liver complications. From Capetown to Grand Central, Midrand Gauteng. Fine weather saw another smooth and successful flight. Again I learn from my passenger/ patient: such humility, positivity, optimism and bravery from this young man, he was stable and in good spirits for the transfer, we wish him all the best for his further treatment and recovery, now in the most appropriate facility.


15 Febuary 2016

Boarding the Patient in George

Monday 15 Feb 2016 we were activated to fly a young neonate with numerous problems needing specialist care in Cape Town. We were given the go about 13:30, by 14:10 our team of 4 professionals launch West towards George to collect Baba from hospital. Our dedicated flight Doctor and ALS medic headed off to hospital to take over care, with the new, state of the art, dedicated and flight certified incubator. Mom travels along with baby for the transfer, during the loading and preparation for departure we had a chance for a reassuring chat about the normal safety stuff, seat belts and such. We have enough time for a slightly more in depth "what to expect and how it will feel" chat. Mom was relaxed and at ease for the 1:10 flight to Cape Town. Due to condition specific complications the medical crew requested a low cabin altitude (high pressurization) we were happy to find a smooth level with the cabin altitude of 1200ft. Priority ATC routing put us directly into Cape Town without delay, ambulance arriving as we shut down to transfer to the awaiting medical team at the Cape Town hospital. Transfer and hand over complete, we were treated to amazing views of the mother city as we depart around 21:00. 50knot tail winds at 23 thousand feet rocket us back to East London in just over 2 hours. Unloading, packing up, refueling ready for the next call to action, and pushing back into the hangar. 23:30 we all leave the airport with a sense of fulfilled satisfaction. Again doing good work with good, dedicated professionals, helping another human in need. This is what we do!

27 January 2016

27 Jan 2016 and today we fly a family of 6 German tourists to their next holiday destination, Tswalu Lodge in the Kalahari from Port Elizabeth.

Tswalu RunwayIn the safety and comfort of our twin engined 10 seater Piper Chieftain "people mover". After the short (empty) positioning leg from East London to Port Elizabeth, we load up and launch due North, reliably clipping along about 350km per hour, after 2.5 hours of some of the best views of the African continent, we arrive at the world class destination (on the other side of the country). The family delighted and excited for the next part of their adventure, we bid farewell and head back for home, stopping off in Kimberly for a splash of fuel.

Piper Chieftain on Apron

26 January 2016

EMS Flight to Cape Town26 Jan 2016 Patient transfer Port Elizabeth to Cape Town 5yo girl to the Red Cross Children's hospital for treatment. Our medical team today included our specialist Aero medical examiner and flight Doctor Ensuring the highest level of in flight care and support for our brave young patient. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery. I have no doubt we did good today, providing an appropriately crewed, smooth, comfortable and reliable service to help a little one in need. Proud to be involved in this rewarding operation with such passionate, driven, and professional people.