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Our Fleet

Beechcraft King Air 100

BE100 King Air

This pressurized twin-turbine engine aircraft is used primarily for VIP charter and air ambulance flights.


Cruise Speed: 388km/h

Cruise Altitude: 24000ft

Max Range: 2300km

Seating VIP: 1 or 2 crew, 8 passengers

Seating EMS: 2 crew, 2 medics, 1 stretcher, 2 seated passengers


Piper Chieftain

Piper Chieftain

This economical twin-engined aircraft is an everday workhorse that is equally at home hauling cargo or carrying out business or leisure charters.


Cruise Speed: 350km/h

Cruise Altitude: 12000ft

Max Range: 1600km

Seating: 1 crew, 9 passengers or 2 crew, 8 passengers

Cargo: 1 crew, up to 750kg cargo




Beechcraft Baron 58Beechcraft Baron 58 East London Air Services

The Baron 58 is a staple for most light aircraft charter operators. They are almost as economical to operate as a 6 place single engine aircraft, but are faster, have twin-engine reliability and are bad weather capable.


 Cruise Speed: 340km/h

 Cruise Altitude: 12000ft

 Max Range: 2000km

 Seating: 1 crew, 5 passengers



Cessna 210Cessna 210Cessna 210

The C210 is great for scenic flights, short or rough airstrips, vehicle tracking, survey flights and aerial photography.


Cruise Speed: 280km/h

Cruise Altitude: 12000ft

Max Range: 1900km

Seating: 1 crew, 5 passengers